Course curriculum

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    Section I - The Interview Flip

    • Lesson 1

    • Lesson 2

    • Lesson 3

    • Review Section 1-3

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    • Questions Section 1-3

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    Section II - Taking Control of Rejection and Acceptance

    • Lesson 4

    • Lesson 5

    • Lesson 6

    • Review Section 4-6

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    Section III - A Position is Available for You

    • Lesson 7

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    • Lesson 9

    • Review Section 7-9

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    Section IV - The Qualification that Makes You the Right Candidate

    • Lesson 10

    • Lesson 11

    • Review Section 10-11

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    • Questions Section 10-11

Ignore the Typical Job-Search Advice

Get a rewarding job, despite the job market!

The average job-hunting tips only work if you want to end up with a job you will hate. Create a winning strategy, based on your criteria! Ideal for everyone, whether you are a college grad, have been unemployed for years or have little or no work experience. Faith-based info, when you need divine help to find a job ideal for you!

Job Searching with an Advantage

What to expect from this course...

  • Helps job-seekers recognize there is a rewarding way to look for and find enjoyable work.

  • Motivates job-seekers to look for compatible jobs in their search, not settle for less than what they want and need.

  • Helps job-seekers to analyze hidden company agendas that affect hiring.

  • Changes the dread of job searching and interviews, focusing instead on what you bring to the workforce.

What you should be able to do at the completion of this course:

  1. You will realize major mistakes to avoid when looking for work, to make your job-searching meaningful, to find a rewarding job.
  2. You will learn to rely on your core strengths that most take for granted when job-searching.
  3. You will learn to use fundamental skills that can be more important than prior work experience. You will learn the importance of your ethics to get you the job you want.
  4. You should be able to better enjoy looking for work, by using these simple methods.

Bonus Materials

Downloads to keep you on track in your job search!

  • Career Quiz

    Make sure you are not going for the wrong jobs, but are looking for a job you can love. Take this fun quiz to discover or affirm your true talents to make a difference in the world. Use this quiz to pivot to the right job for you!

  • Job Planner

    Plan your next move by writing down what you want to find! See on paper what you want, so you don't accept a job that doesn't work for you.

  • Job Interview Charts

    Take control of your job search progress by setting your own criteria, not relying on the company's criteria.


A great price for valuable information in your job search!